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Our Mascot, the amazing hummingbird  

With its boundless energy, endless variety, and unique adaptations, this fearless creature spends its entire life making the nearly impossible appear quite effortless.

Not only is it the only bird in the world able to hover, fly backwards, upwards, and to the side, it is also very capable of flying straight ahead at breathtaking speed. Not to mention the fact that it has perfected the technique of feeding its young in mid-flight!

The hummingbird has also been known to travel hundreds of miles without a single drop of food or water. Once at its desired destination, it gently hovers, wings a-blur, taking sustenance deep from within the most fragrant blossoms where only it is equipped to reach.

Hovering – quite naturally – requires a great deal more energy than simple gliding through life. Such ceaseless exertion eventually develops remarkable strength and, ultimately, the muscle, which the hummingbird works hardest, and grows strongest, is its HEART.  
It is for this reason that the Rancho Santa Fe Women’s Fund look to the hummingbird for inspiration in all that we do.

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